Alpha Phi Omega is a national, co-educational service fraternity devoted to promoting its core principles of Leadership, Friendship, and Service. Members are given the opportunity to develop leadership skills and form strong bonds of friendship while endeavoring to serve their community through volunteer service. Alpha Phi Omega has grown to have over 400,000 members on more than 375 campuses.

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Alpha Phi Omega’s Region III is home to chapters within North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia, housing a total of seven sections. There are 45 active chapters with approximately 2200 active students across the Region and several alumni associations. The current Region Director is Megan Sheedfar, who was elected at the 2012 National Convention in Anaheim, California.

Region III has awarded several Regional Distinguished Service Keys (DSKs); click here for a list of all DSK recipients. Regional DSKs can be awarded at the Region III Conference or at National Convention.

Region III holds a Region Conference in the fall semester during the years there is not a National Convention. Click here for a list of all the previous Region Conferences and National Conventions.

Region History

Here is a listing of all of the individuals who have served (or are currently serving) as Region III Director or Region III Representative (Note: In 1986, the term “Regional Representative,” was replaced in the National By-Laws by, “Region Director”). Lorin Jurvis (1968 – 1974) Robert J. Harris, III (1974 – 1992) Robert E. Lee Correll, III (1992 – 1998) Lyndal Butler (1998 – 2000) Jamie L. Conover (2000 – 2004) Malcolm D. Lee (2005 – 2006) Dawn Gurganious (2007 – 2012) Megan Sheedfar (2013 – 2014) Dawn Gurganious (2014 – present)