You’ve Landed on APO – Region III’s New Site!


 Welcome to the new Region III website! Here brothers of Alpha Phi Omega in the North Carolina, Virginia, DC, and Maryland area can get the latest updates on what is going on in the Region and with the National Fraternity. Region III staff members will use this site to provide updates on their program areas to assist the chapters in the Region.

Recent News

SERVE Registration is here!

SERVE, one of the five LEADS courses, is a weekend-long experience giving members the opportunity to learn skills needed to develop chapter management skills. This course focuses on small group participation. It’s $55 for students and $75 for alumni (Life Members receive a $5 discount). The cost includes food, supplies, and lodging for the whole weekend. Feb. … [Read more…]

Fall 2015 Pledge Class Namesake

Every year, the Alpha Phi Omega National Office asks for nominations so a Fall Pledge Class namesake can be selected. The nominees are expected to be individuals who have had a positive, significant, and extended impact either within the Fraternity at a regional level or outside of the Fraternity at a national level. If you … [Read more…]

John Mack Scholarship

It’s once again time for interested students to apply for the John Mack Scholarship Award. This scholarship is for brothers in Alpha Phi Omega who are working to help charitable or humanitarian organizations through their service and leadership. Winning the scholarship grants the recipient funding for their educational expences at their current university, as well … [Read more…]

Spring Youth Service Day

Spring Youth Service Day is once again upon us! One of Alpha Phi Omega’s largest service events, Spring Youth Service Day is scheduled to coincide with Global Youth Service Day, this year falling on April 17 through 19.

New Region III Twitter Account

The Twitter handle @aporegion3 is no longer APO Region III’s official Twitter account. Please follow us at @apo_r3 to keep up with region news, conference dates, webinar updates, and general APO information. Also, if your chapter/section has an active Twitter account, help us find you by tweeting at us!