Section Chair Position Details

According to our National Bylaws: “The Sectional Chair shall be elected for a one year term, or until his or her successor has been elected, by a majority vote of those chapters in good standing belonging to that section that are present and voting at a Sectional Conference. The Sectional Chair is under the guidance of the Regional Director of that area.”

A section chair reports to the Regional Director as is clearly stated in the bylaws. By participating in the election process, you are agreeing to meet these expectations as listed. It is entirely possible that the Regional Director may have some specific additional expectations, depending on the geography of the region and their management structure. It is expected that you have previously sought out clarification on this as part of your decision process on seeking this role.

There are several expectations of a Section Chair as well as a general job description. These expectations are listed by category.

Financial Commitment

1. Expect to spend between $800- $2000 per year in total (This includes travel, conference fees, gas, wear and tear on cars, purchasing materials appropriate to task completion, hotel costs, convention support, meals, etc)

2. It is strongly recommended that you donate to the annual fund as a Torchbearer as a minimum level.

Attendence Commitment

1. Section conference scheduled within your section

2. Region conference

3. National Convention

4. National Volunteer Conference

5. Region appropriate staff meeting(s) to be determined by Region Director

6. Attend section and region conferences in other areas when possible

Communication Commitment

1. Provide a written report of activities within the section twice a year (timeframes to be determined by Regional Director) Most likely due at the end of each semester in time to be a resource for Regional Director Board Reports.

2. Maintain regular and appropriate communication with the Region Director via phone and email (48-72 hour response time is more than appropriate and professional)

3. Develop and maintain regular communication with Chapters, specifically chapter presidents and at least one non-executive board member.

4. Maintain appropriate communication with section staff to facilitate support of chapters

5. Serve as a resource/facilitator to assist chapters and the National Office staff in communicating with one another

6. Ensure that information is delivered to and collected from chapters in a timely manner

7. Inform Regional Director (in an expeditious manner) when situations, concerns, or issues occur that could impact the greater good of the Fraternity, section, or chapter. (Especially when the issues impact the University Community, have any involvement with University of legal officials, or involve a violation of our National Policies and Bylaws)

8. Be open and willing to collaborate with fellow section chairs.

9. Develop, share, and update appropriate goals to help facilitate meeting the National Strategic Plan

Chapter Contact

1. Visit each chapter once per semester if possible.

2. Develop and maintain a professional and appropriate relationship with students

3. Maintain specific regular contact via phone/email on a frequent basis.

4. Develop relationships and connections with long term advisors.

5. Assist chapters in achieving and maintaining the status of good standing as defined in the National Bylaws.

6. Promptly respond to chapter requests, questions, and concerns.

7. Communicate chapter information and concerns to the Regional Director on a regular basis.

8. Assist and advise chapters when asked to help address or alleviate concerns.

9. Assist and direct students in following Fraternity and University Policy, as well as local, state, and federal laws.

10. Communicate information regarding local and national programming